CleanBeyond announces partnership with Southern Airways Express

(Nashville, TN) – The skies above six Southern states got a lot safer for passengers now that Southern Airways Express, a Memphis, Tennessee based regional airline, announced that they have partnered with CleanBeyond to use their pioneering new non-toxic solutions in cleaning and sanitizing each of their airplanes before every flight. With the deadly outbreaks nationally of viruses such as Enterovirus 68 and Ebola, Americans are beginning to take their first serious look at what it takes to provide and keep a healthy environment in their homes, schools, healthcare facilities, and offices – and airlines are no exception.

“Our partnership with CleanBeyond is the first of its kind in disinfecting the cabins on aircraft. It’s something that we are proud to be offering our customers at Southern Airways,” said COO Keith Sisson of Southern Airways. Sisson noted that because they used CleanBeyond’s exclusive Total HG products their planes are now cleaner and healthier for their passengers.

Now that Southern Airways Express has joined the Nashville, Tennessee based CleanBeyond family not only can they utilize their revolutionary processes that clean airplanes, they also use their exclusive Total HG hospital-grade disinfecting spray treatments which sanitize airplanes completely. The products and processes of CleanBeyond are literally changing how the cleaning industry thinks.

CleanBeyond’s cleaning processes focus on ensuring there is no cross contamination from room-to room with healthy, safe and non-toxic cleaning solutions. Its Total HG hospital-grade disinfectant kills over 63 of the germs and viruses (99.999%) that cause Enterovirus, MRSA, H1N1, Staph, Influenza, and E.coli, as well as mold and mildew. And, the company’s pioneering deodorizing spray treatments totally eliminate interior odors from cooking, smoking – even skunk.

CleanBeyond has based all of its processes on healthcare cleaning standards, raising the bar in healthy interior environments. CleanBeyond offers cleaning services and electrostatic disinfecting & deodorizing spray treatments for homes, schools, commercial properties and more. And only CleanBeyond can visibly show their clients that they live in a clean environment by performing a surface swabbing analysis.