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Commercial Buildings

commericial overview bathroomWe want your building to be a place where tenants and employees feel healthy and are impressed with how clean your facility is. At CleanBeyond, we serve buildings that are managed properties, as well as those that are privately or company owned. As a property manager, you want a facility that is clean and attractive to tenants… and a clean and healthy building goes a long way towards client retention.
commercial overview office interiorFor company-owned facilities, you already know the work environment matters to employees. At CleanBeyond commercial cleaning, we do a lot more then come in and dust and vacuum. We create a truly healthy environment that reduces the spread of contaminants and infections. And that means fewer employee sick days.


Disinfecting & Odor Eliminating Spray Treatment

CleanBeyond can help eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses that can linger in living spaces & our Odor Eliminating Spray Treatment is also an excellent way to remove pet, food and other odors. It is extremely safe and effective, for both children and pets.

NO toxic substances, but strong enough to effectively kill 99.999% of most viruses and bacteria. The spray is non-corrosive and will not stain paint, wood or fabrics.

See how our CleanBeyond Disinfecting & Odor Eliminating Spray Treatment is superior to older fogging techniques.Watch Video



commercial overview airplane interior

Commercial Cleaning

Interior Services

  • Disinfecting & Odor Eliminating Spray Treatments
  • Office Cleaning Services
  • Move-in & Move-out Cleaning Services
  • Restroom Disinfecting Treatments
  • Floor Maintenance
  • Air Purifying Window Treatments

Exterior Services

  • Sidewalk Cleaningcommercial overview workout center
  • Window Cleaning

Markets Served

  • Airports & Planes
  • Athletic Facilities – Gyms – Workout Centers
  • Educational Facilities – Daycares
  • Government & Military Facilities
  • Grocery Stores
  • Hospitality
  • Indoor Playgroundscommercial overview indoor playground
  • Mass Transit
  • Medical/Clinical Offices
  • Office Buildings
  • Pet Daycares & Kennels
  • Restaurants and Bars


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