Tips for Healthy Home Interiors – Keep the Pollen Outside

It’s that time of year, where in many parts of the country the trees are budding and the pollen count is rising. It’s important to keep that pollen outside and minimize the ways you track it into your home.

  • When coming inside, wipe your feet and remove your shoes and outer wear. Leave items in a designated space like the mudroom.
  • If you’ve been working outside, don’t come in and sit down. Change your clothes. Otherwise, pollen from your clothes will get on the furniture and make its way through the house.
  • Hair attracts pollen, so it’s important to cover your head if you will be outside. And if you have not done so, make sure you wash your hair before going to bed and transfer pollen to your bedding.
  • When there’s high pollen counts, you will want to keep your windows closed and run the air conditioner.